Corporate Governance

The principles of corporate governance are contained in a document entitled "Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies 2016", adopted by the resolution of the Stock Exchange Board dated 13 October 2015. The principles shall apply from 1 January 2016.


Corporate governance is a set of rules of conduct for both companies' bodies as well as for the members of these companies’ bodies - the Supervisory Board, Management Board and shareholders. The CCC Company appreciating the importance of the principles of corporate governance and their role in strengthening the transparency of listed companies makes its every effort to ensure that these principles are used in the daily operation of the Company.

In accordance with the applicable rules of informing, the Company shall report in any case if there is a violation of one of the good principles on a permanent basis or incidentally. Reports will be published in the same way as current reports and posted on the Company's website.
Moreover, in parallel with the annual reports, starting with the annual report for 2009, reports on the application of the principles of corporate governance are published.

The main purpose of the information policy of CCC S.A. is to ensure equal access to information and effective communication and building trust on the part of capital market participants, in particular individual and institutional investors from home and abroad.

The specific objectives can be distinguished:

  • announcing the true, reliable and complete information within the scope and periods required by applicable law;
  • effective communication with shareholders and other capital market participants, conducted by means of the available and permitted by law tools of communication;
  • providing equal access to information concerning the Company's operations for all capital market participants.

CCC S.A. provides equal access to information concerning the Company's operations by:

  • complying fully with disclosure obligations resulting from the operation of the Company on the regulated market;
  • applying the principles of corporate governance;
  • maintaining communication with all capital market participants based on the best standards and market practices.

Activities undertaken in the area of Information Policy are addressed to certain participants of the capital market, including, among others:

  • investors (individual and institutional) and the shareholders of CCC SA;
  • entities related to the regulated market (Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Warsaw Stock Exchange SA);
  • stock market analysts,

and suited to their information needs.

Taking into account the proper fulfillment of the information obligations, CCC S.A. announces:

  • Information required by law applicable to the companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and in accordance with the Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies 2016;
  • financial results and interim reports within the deadlines set by applicable law. The company strives to keep it as short as possible term;
  • information about significant events affecting the price of the shares of the Company immediately after their occurrence, if the law does not provide otherwise, the required period.

The tools used for communicating with capital market participants are:

  • Electronic System for Information Transfer (ESPI) - to implement the disclosure obligations of trading on a regulated market;
  • Electronic Information Base (EIB) - to distribute reports on corporate governance;
  • Investor Relations site on the corporate Internet website where all the information about the Company is available, such as current reports, presentations, financial reports, information on the authorities of the Company's current shareholding structure, contact information, etc .;
  • results conferences for analysts and media representatives, each time after the publication of financial results (video footage from the conference is available on the Investor Relations website);
  • teleconferences for domestic and foreign investors and analysts;
  • meetings of representatives of the Management Board and Investor Relations with individual and institutional investors and analysts, and enabling them to visit the Company;
  • participation of representatives of the Management Board and Investor Relations team at conferences for investors in Poland and abroad;
  • the availability of the Investor Relations team for capital market participants by phone and e-mail. The Company endeavors to answer questions that were requested immediately upon receipt, but no later than within 7 days. The deadline may be extended, in exceptional cases and circumstances beyond the control of the Company;
  • making all the materials from the General Meetings of Shareholders available on the Investor Relations website, including video materials;
  • organization of the Open Days and Investor Days, both institutional investors and individual ones.

The CCC Group is one of the largest and fastest growing of large companies in Europe which specializes in footwear trade as well as one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to its subsidiary S.A., the CCC Group is also the e-commerce leader on the footwear market in Central and Eastern Europe. The CCC Group operates nearly 1,000 stores, with the floor space exceeding 0.5 million m2, and is present in 19 countries in Europe and beyond. Fashionable and affordable products are offered to customers in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania and Estonia, Moldova, Greece and Sweden. CCC has its own factory of leather shoes, employs over 12,000 employees and sells nearly 50 million pairs of shoes annualy. Since 2004, CCC has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and is included in the WIG 20 index.


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