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CCC for unicef | for every child

CCC supports UNICEF to help every child dream big and reach their full potential.

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We suport UNICEF

CCC first global partner of UNICEF from Poland

The CCC Group was the first Polish company to become a global partner of UNICEF. Since 2018, CCC is supporting UNICEF to help every child dream big and reach their full potential.

CCC has always supported charity and now, thanks to the strength of its brand and growing international success, has decided to work with the largest humanitarian and development organisation working for children.

The funds provided by the CCC will be used to support UNICEF programmes to save the lives of children around the world, support their development and fulfil their potential. CCC's significant support for UNICEF will help to save and improve the lives of children around the world, where the needs are most urgent.

CCC Team

CCC Team supports UNICEF

Blue kilometres of CCC Team

302 150 km

About CCC Team

CCC Team for Unicef

For nearly 20 years CCC has been supporting cycling and successfully sponsoring CCC Team - the biggest project in the history of Polish professional cycling.

Each blue kilometre cycled by the CCC Team cyclists in races and during trainings is recorded and can be converted to 1USD to illustrate the equivalence of the impact of our partnership and how together we can help every child reach their full potential.

Cyclists will wear blue bracelets and jerseys with the UNICEF logo as a sign of solidarity with the partnership, thereby promoting UNICEF’s mission of driving change for children.

Cooperation with the CCC team is unique because it is the first global partnership in the history of UNICEF with a cycling team.

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Supporting UNICEF


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Paper bag supports Unicef

Each of us can make a real contribution to improve the lives of children. Choosing a paper bag instead of a plastic one when shopping in CCC stores means you can also support UNICEF. Paper bag is made of recycled materials. 

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Join us to support UNICEF

The great power of the blue bracelets

From May 2019, in CCC stores throughout Poland, you will be able to buy a CCC for UNICEF blue bracelet. 100% of the profit from sales of bracelets will be donated to UNICEF programmes around the world including education programmes where UNICEF is helping to build schools and purchase school equipment.

UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

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