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CCC S.A. is one of the largest footwear retail company in Central Europe and one of the largest footwear manufacturer in Europe.

Currently sales are conducted in 22 countries. CCC Network Sales is based on stores in Poland, Slovakia,
Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia,Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Germany, and in Switzerland under the Vögele Shoes, Bingo and Max brands, and in franchise stores in Moldova, the Baltic countries and Ukraine.


Shoes are the main product of the CCC Group. Customers visiting stores have a choice of a range of products for every occasion - from casual shoes to wear every day for sports shoes to the elegant leather shoes. The range of products offered to customers is sold by the Group under own labels as well as under licensed ones.

Company in order to meet customers’ expectations has expanded its operations and enabled customers to shop online through regional domains of in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland – through the channel e-commerce Vögele Shoes.

During the year, CCC sells nearly 50 million pairs of shoes. One can find nearly six thousand models of shoes in the CCC offer each year.

Besides women's men's and kids’ footwear, within a range of products CCC offers handbags, cosmetics for shoes, accessories and small fancy goods.

The main sales market of the CCC Group is Poland. The shareof CCC in the very fragmented retail market of footwear in Poland is estimated at around 25%. The main market of the CCC Group is the broadly understood middle customer segment. In terms of the number of stores in Poland, CCC almost twice exceeds the offer of the largest competitors. It is still the widest segment on the national footwear market, calculated on over 130 million pairs of shoes per year.


In addition to the Polish market, the CCC Capital Group conducts its operations in the Central and Eastern European region, i.e. in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and in Romania; in Western Europe, i.e. in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries – Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Moldova.

The stores are located in large shopping centers or at major traffic routes in prestigious urban locations.

The company Sp. z o.o. is the supplier of goods for the CCC Group. This company obtains goods from domestic and foreign suppliers as well as from its own factory (CCC Factory Sp. z o.o).

Footwear, the main product of the CCC Group is imported from Asia (62.2% of the total footwear purchases), produced in its own factory (15.8%), purchased from domestic suppliers (18.9%) and in other countries (3.1%). The main direction of imports of footwear from Asia is India (23.2% of the total value of footwear imports), from where deliveries come from dozens of manufacturers.

The CCC Group sells also bags, shoe care products, jewellery, fancy goods and cycling accessories. All of these goods are purchased from external suppliers. In particular, bags are imported from Asia, while other goods are obtained from European markets.


Supply structure by value in the first half of 2018




own manufacturing


domestic suppliers

The sales structure by product range remains constant over years – in the first half of 2018 women’s footwear accounted for approx. 55% of sales; men’s footwear accounted for approx. 21%, and kids’ footwear accounted for approx. 12%. Besides footwear, which is the main product, bags account for approx. 7% of sales, and shoe care products for approx. 1%.

The sales assortment structure of the Group is constantly expanded, the variety of offered products allows customers to find the product meeting their expectations, making the development of the product range increase sales revenues.

Footwear sales structure by value in the first half of 2018 
women’s shoes 55,0% 
men’s shoes 21,0%
kids’ shoes 12,0%
Retail 77,3%   
E-commerce 19,8%
Wholesale 2,9%
Poland    58,6%       
UE–CEE 27,0%
UE–WE 11,5%
Other countries 2,9%

Development of the company, the increase in demand for its products and increasing distribution performance requirements have contributed to the realization of the largest investment in the history of the Company - the construction of the Logistics Centre, located in the Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSEZ) in Polkowice. Currently the Logistics Center is a modern complex of large-format buildings of a total area of 82.3 thousand m². The most important object of the Logistics Centre is fully automated mini-load high bay warehouse, with a total area of 23.064 m², which is able to accommodate a minimum of 5 million pairs of shoes, which means more than 500,000 cartons of different dimensions. It is the largest object of its kind in Central Europe. The investment in 40 percent was financed with EU funds through the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.


The New Distribution Centre, in conjunction with the existing sorting plant is able to handle more than 100 thousand cartons (approx. 1.1 million pairs of shoes) during two working shifts. The process of mechanization provides handling for future development and is essential for the further development of the logistics processes.

Currently, one of the warehouses is undergoing expansion, which involves the installation of rack storage on an additional surface. The number of racks will increase by more than 60 thousand. Additional storage area will allow to store approximately 10 million pairs (capacity increase by +50%).

The CCC Group is one of the largest and fastest growing of large companies in Europe which specializes in footwear trade as well as one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to its subsidiary S.A., the CCC Group is also the e-commerce leader on the footwear market in Central and Eastern Europe. The CCC Group operates nearly 1,000 stores, with the floor space exceeding 0.5 million m2, and is present in 19 countries in Europe and beyond. Fashionable and affordable products are offered to customers in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania and Estonia, Moldova, Greece and Sweden. CCC has its own factory of leather shoes, employs over 12,000 employees and sells nearly 50 million pairs of shoes annualy. Since 2004, CCC has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and is included in the WIG 20 index.


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