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Lasocki brand, offered by CCC,  is the most well-known brand in the Group. The brand of a long tradition, dedicated, for over fifty years exclusively to women, offers a wide range of shoes made of high leather quality. Lasocki it is both casual shoes with fashionable styles and colours, as well as more elegant formal models for women of all ages. Neat manufacture and interesting patterns of skin attract every season customers putting on high quality and stylish classics.


The CCC Group is the clear market leader in the Polish footwear retail and one of its biggest producers in Poland. CCC SA has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004. The company headquarters is located in Polkowice.

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Our brands

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The image and the market value of the CCC Group are its brands. Many sources also indicate the role of brands as a factor in evoking emotions and consumer response to products of the company. The image, in addition to loyalty and awareness of our clients, is one of the co

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Investor Relations

Investor Relations Service of a Company CCC SA is to ensure an effective communication of the Company with the environment for investors. Conducted by the Company IR activities aim at presenting a fair image of the Company, building credibility and trust in the eyes of investo

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