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CCC OBUV S.K. s.r.o.

The Subsidiary, responsible for organizing the network and sell products in the Slovak Republic.

CCC Obuv S.K. s.r.o. was created on 20th December 2011 by NG2 S.A., in which it acquired 100% of the shares and became the sole shareholder. The principal activity of the formed company is to distribute the goods supplied by NG2 S.A. at the territory of the Slovak Republic. The purpose of the Company is developing and promoting the CCC brand stores. In 2012, the company is planning to open eight new stores. The CEO of CCC Obuv is Mr. Roman Puchala. The company headquarters is located in Bratislava.

CCC OBUV SK s.r.o.

Kopcianska 10
851 01 Bratislava